Evidence against Joe Biden according to Rep. James Comer on the Verdict Podcast

  1. Americorp Health gave Jim Biden $600,000 to help them acquire capitol on after Jim Biden approached them. According to court records, Jim Biden never gave any help to Americorp Health. Part of the $600,000 was sent to Joe Biden. According to bank records, a check was sent to Joe Biden from Jim Biden for $200,000 on the same day Jim Biden was paid $200,000 by Americorp Health.

    Jim Biden’s bank records appear to show the $600,000 from Americorp was a loan.
  2. 20 Joe Biden/Biden Family shell companies, each with multiple bank accounts.

    Shell companies are a legal entity but have no assets and no purchases.
  3. 170 Suspicious Activity Reports filed against the Bidens from 6 different banks on dozens of accounts.

  4. In a email from a major bank examiner found a $5,000,000 loan to Hunter Biden from China although there is no loan documentation.
  5. So far there are $14,000,000 “loans” to the Biden family from foreign entities but there is no record in tax records, no loan documentation and there are no assets attached as collateral. No interest payments and very few principal payments. Possibly $110,000 paid back.